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Chapter 3-Shield Princess

The caravan moved slowly compared to when he was riding the [Poun] at full speed, however just three days have passed and there were more than twenty [C rank] monsters that attacked. This made Sun glad of his decision to come with the caravan, in addition it was cool watching the platoons dispatch the monsters.

Due to having more time Sun could finally devote to reading Devon's book whole heartedly. Instead of skipping pages to the good stuff he diligently read from the start.

'To my successor,

Here is the compilation of all the things that I have learned in the long years of my life. Read and learn from these lessons but don't limit yourself. Advance beyond the limits of thought and transcend the limits of your soul only then will you learn the ultimate lesson.'

It said, The very first pages contained ramblings of theory about magic and mana. While it was interesting, there wasn't any application for Sun so he only lightly read it until he read the next section causing him to backtrack to learn it again. The next section was about the interaction of magic gems to potions, which was the section that Sun first noticed. He read this section very meticulously drinking in the thoughts evoked by the author.

'Magic gems are crystallized reservoir's of mana. The problem is that the formation of this gems when occurring naturally will almost always contain impurity.' Was what the author said, he continued about this subject for awhile describing his experiments to create a purer gem.

Eventually the author had succeeded in making 100% pure magic gems, theoretically at least.The only problem was the calculations, it seemed that the in this kind of experiment required intense mathematics because without the precise amount of ingredients the gems created would still be flawed.

Even Sun who had [Proficiency in Calculation] could barely understand the mechanics of the calculations presented in the book. If he could reproduce this experiment however, wouldn't he be rich? Normal Magic gems generally had 40% purity and sold for 10 silvers and for gems that reached 42% they were already called medium yield Magic gems which sold for 60 silvers, 43% made them high yield gems. If high yield gems were more than a gold piece each how much would a gem with 100% purity be worth?

"We're stopping here for now." Called Rayu snapping Sun out of his thoughts.

Oooomph! A missile shot from one of the carriages and into Sun. "Onii-chan c'mon let's play." The missile turned out to be Domu the young kid he met on his first day in the caravan.

Usually every time the caravan made stops the kid would seek him out. Whether to ask questions about magi or just play around. Surprisingly due to his masquerading as a mage for so long even a talentless Sun grew to be very familiar with the peculiarities of magi, this is compounded by his recent studies in magic gems. In other words he actually managed to fend off Domu with accurate and genuine answers confidently.

This benefited Sun because he knew that there were still soldiers who watched him suspiciously, probably on orders from Levaria. Given that Sun had been on the caravan for days though made them lower their guards at least.

"Domu-kun you shouldn't harass Sun-sama like that." Said Talia puffing her cheeks in anger all the while pointing her finger to Domu in a dramatic pose... for a kid anyway.

"It's fine Talia-san." Sun said as he was extracting the small kid from his person.

"Ah, what are we going to do today Sun-sama?" Talia said, she usually tagged alongside Domu so she always gets dragged in whatever it is that Sun and Domu get themselves in.

"I'm thinking of picking herbs from the surroundings. Would you guys like to help?" Sun asked even though he already knew the answer.

"Yosh! I'll pick more herbs than Talia-san then Onii-san will finally teach me to be a mage!" Yelled Domu.

"Idiot!" Plonk* A finger flicked Domu in the forehead. "Owie."

Sun shook his head, these two were always like this.

Devon's book also had a section about herbs and plants, it described their appearance quite nicely and had a lot to say on their possible uses and effects.

The desert even though it is a barren land mostly filled with just sand and monsters still carried some of these precious plants. So Sun made it a point to at least look for them when he had time.

Domu given his admiration for Sun insisted on coming on this small field trips and so began their 'herb gathering quests' where Sun would show them a hand drawn illustration of the plants he wanted them to find and they would go look for it.

Since the desert is dangerous they only looked near where ever the caravan is, Sun stressed the point of never going out of his sight on the excitable Domu because he was the one likely to get in trouble.

Domu only nodded and resolutely said "I know, It's fine though because Onii-san is here to protect me right." Sun almost cried then and there. He had never been felt as relied to as he had been that time.

As usual they scoured the clearings meticulously the silence often disrupted by calls of "Onii-san I found one!" or "Sun-sama I think this one is good."

Sun spent the day like that.


In the night there were a shift of ever watchful soldiers stationed in the clearings. Sun always read by the side of his [Poun] who cuddles up to him the [Poun] made for a fine pillow, using [Firewand++] as a light source he could read for about an hour. The first time he tried he could only hold the light for 5 minutes. Somehow due to practice the time improved, Sun was curious why that was. His current theory is that he got better at concentrating his will.

Levaria would sometimes come to talk or more accurately rile him up. Sun could already feel her coming any second now.

"What is it in that book that has you so interested?" She called out.

"None of your business." He replied with a nonchalant tone. They have been at this for sometime now, Sun believed that Levaria was just lonely and as the only one here around her age she kept going to him even if it was only to annoy him.

"You magi and your books. Do you do anything interesting at all?" She asked though her tone was teasing she also was complaining a bit.

"I'm sure I have a lot of interesting things to do, how bout you?" He counters with a bit of a deadpan.

"Tsk, Nothing." She said almost sullenly.

This girl really was lonely, Sun mused. Not that he was any different, the truth is he did like this snarky exchanges with Levaria even if it usually ended with her insulting magi to reciprocate. He isn't a real mage so why did that matter, as far as Sun was concerned he always won these matches.

"Enemy!!!" A soldier from the southern part of the watch bellowed.

Levaria exploded, within a few seconds she had already traveled the an astonishing distance towards the southern part. Sun couldn't help but follow out of curiosity albeit more slowly.

When he arrived riding his [Poun] at the southern sector he saw the soldiers holding of a [Venom Dancer] a [B+ rank] Snake type monster that had the length of about 20 meters. It was huge and the scales seemed to resist the soldier's powerful attacks.

Over the distance Sun saw Levaria dancing around two more of these beasts, she made it look easy as she dodged the coordinated pair of snakes.

One of the snakes lunged but Levaria brought up her shield, the snake's mouth opened wide as if to swallow her whole and Sun felt that there was no way the shield, which was around half Levaria's size, could block that kind of attack. He needn't worry though as the shield suddenly grew large thick rocky spikes that pierced the head of the snake cleanly.

Seeing the death throes of it's companion the other snake made to attack but Levaria raised her oddly vibrating sword and swung it downward causing a thin shock wave to come out. The snake surprised of the attack couldn't escape in time. Sun winced as the snake was cleaved in two.

Meanwhile the last snake was still alive and rampaging through the platoon of soldiers. It was wildly thrashing about, the soldiers were nimble enough to avoid the large monster. Unfortunately one of them got caught in a bad place, he was suddenly focused by the monster. With no place to run that soldier was likely going to die, even though Sun knew something bad was going to happen he couldn't look away.

"[Gravity Well!]" Levaria's voice rang out, the snake who was already mid strike was suddenly grounded and writhing in pain. Sun saw Levaria walked calmly towards the snake and when she was near enough she decapitated the snake in one slice of her vibrating sword.

Genius? More like Levaria was a monster in human form. She was so far above the other soldiers their gap was too far. Was this the difference of [Rank B] and [Rank A]?

To so easily defeat 3 [Rank B+] monsters when a platoon of soldiers  had trouble with just one?

"Hey mage, If you wish to help tend to the wounded" Levaria said and left presumably to clean the blood off her leaving the still bewildered Sun.

It took her what, 15 minutes to kill those monsters. She's simply too ridiculous, Sun thought. For someone named Shield Princess she was really good at attacking, maybe try should rename her Monster Princess.

TL: would Oni-hime sound better?


Talent Corner

Name:[Earth King's Avatar]
Rank: A
Effects: Increase Physical stats by 100%, Increase defense and strength by 75% more. Instinctive use of Gravity,Tremor, and Vibration skills. All Earth skills Rank Up.
Quote: "You don't fight against a king, you bow with respect." -Knight Commander Valorus


Name: [Venom Dancer]
Rank: B+
Element: Earth
Rock Scale
Swallow whole
Venomous disintegration
Notes: This monster is very dangerous and could usually wipe out a team of mid rank adventurers,sometimes in the presence of a big threat they group up for protection.

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