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Magic and Alchemy Prologue Part 2

Sun was surrounded by thieves the tension was high naturally and Sun could still see that the leader was still thinking of attacking. Getting attacked would be bad since he was surrounded even if he could fight off one thief 6 were too many.

Thus he hammered the final nail to the coffin.

"I know what you're thinking thief. There's six of us we can kill him, is that it?" Sun tilted his head
as he made to stare at the leader's eyes.

"Even if you don't care for your subordinates lives you guys are not so quick that I can't kill off
more than half of you. Furthermore even if you kill me my master will come and raze the whole
of your guild to ashes. I heard electrocution is a painful way to go, tell me about it when we meet
in the afterlife?"

Of course there wasn't a person like the one Sun was referring to. Since the leader wasn't
crumbling as he liked he just decided to add more pressure.
"Your master won't know it was us that killed you so fuck it all and die." the leader decided to be
impatient, all the talk made him nervous so he went in for the kill. Even if he only had something
like a [Rank C] talent [Fleetfoot] the speed boost provided should let him get close to the mage
in about a few seconds.

As he was charging in though a gust of wind interrupted him and his subordinates. The wind
stumbled them and disrupted their attack before they can even begin.

"Pyoooon" Came Korua's cry as she dived in with the skill [Wind tunnel].

"I'm afraid he already knows." Sun said fighting of his grin. Korua on the other hand landed on
one of the building's roof attentively watching as if memorizing the faces of all involved.

The color drained from the thieves especially the leader. Even Sun could see realization sank
down on the leader. The dirk fell from the leader's hand with a dull 'Thunk'.

"A-about that, your wand i-is perfectly safe you know." the leader's hands shakingly raised as if
signalling someone and sure enough the girl who took his wand came from one of the houses
bearing his wand.

The girl timidly approached him as if afraid to be blasted by a ball of fire but eventually she
came near enough to offer the weapon.

"T-that's... were all good right Mage?" The thief asked, looking around as if afraid that some
master mage was just around the corner about to smite everything to the high heavens.

Sun was about to nod but a thought came to him, after all wasn't he inconvenienced by this
event? Wouldn't a small bit of reparation be appropriate? It seems the flamerite gem was about
to be extinguished and so with flick of the hand he cut of the gem.

"No we are not, there still should be the talk of compensation, I've wasted a lot of time chasing
you how would you make up for it." This time Sun had to bite down a smirk as the leader's face
had a mixture of disgust, defeat and faked deference.

"O-of course, take this and this useless wench with you." The man said shoving a money pouch
to the girl the pushing him to the mage.

"Thank you." Sun said simply as he took the pouch from the girl and walked out of the clearing.
The girl knowing she'd feel the wrath of the leader if she stayed around decided to follow the
calm minded mage too.


"Stop following me. I don't need a slave." Sun said as they neared the entrance of Burke alley.
The girl looked like she was about to cry so Sun couldn't help but sigh. He was extremely weak
to crying girls after all he thought.

"Look, what's your name?" He asked as he withdrew 2 gold coins from the 'reward' he took from
the Leader. "If you stay here that man will really punish you so take this and go somewhere
else." Is what he said.

"M-my name is Acuo sir mage.I-I thank you from the bottom of my heart I am truly in your debt."
was her reply as she gratefully took the coin her head still bowed.

Sun watched her walk away silently, when she was out of sight he shook his head and went to
the nearest merchant to begin haggling once more.After all time was money.

"This potion here, let me buy it." Sun said as he looked at the wares, this time however his wand
was already in full display as if challenging any thief from trying to to steal it.


When Sun returned to his inn, his [ Storage Bag] was almost filled to it's capacity. This bag was
his elder brother's gift for his journey.It allowed one to store exactly 300 kilos of stuff using some
sort of enchantment made by the [Tinkerer]. For Sun this was a really useful tool as it allowed
him to go on his journey while still traveling lightly. This [Storage Bag] had been hidden in a
secret pocket in his sleeves to allow for easy access to the items incase he needed them.

"Pyoon." Korua chirped as she landed by the window of his room.

"Good work earlier Korua." Sun said as he retrieved a snack for his familiar.
One would wonder why Sun needed to go travel thousand's of miles in some sort of pilgrimage
if his father was so rich, to understand one should first understand the tradition of merchant

The eldest always get's the full inheritance while the other's are given what the father deems as
appropriate for their futures. This was a way to ensure the family business kept running
smoothly and the younger sons still had a future.Sun's second brother had traveled north
banking on his talent as a swordsman to get a teacher, while he traveled west towards the city
of Verdun the economic capital of the continent.

Sun received 10 gold coins as his start up fund, His [Vhiall bird] and a [Storage Bag] when he
was 9. After four years of travel he had earned a total of only 32 gold coins. Somehow before he
turns 18 he should amass more than 300,000 gold coins to enter the academy in Verdun. A
daunting prospect but his father had done it through luck, brains and guts so would he.

Still making money was like digging with a needle indeed.


Sun woke up early in the morning and went straight towards the traveling section of the city. He
already had all the things he would need to travel except a way to travel that is. Thus, he came
here to rent a [Poun]. Pouns were big dog-like creatures that were adept at traveling in the
desert, they had fine hairs and about as big as Sun himself.

"I'd like to rent a [Poun] please. I'm traveling to Shard City." Sun asked the lady sitting in the
booth politely.

"That'd be 1 gold sir, you would need to sign a contract and once you return the [Poun] in Shard
city 50 silvers will be given back to you." The young lady said almost mechanically as if reciting
it had been so ingrained in her brain it was second nature.

"That's fine." Sun said already writing his name in the contract. The contract stated that he
would didn't have any desire to steal the [Poun] and that he would need to pay for it if the [Poun]
died in his care. It was soul binding and if he were to break the agreements of the contract
various effects would happen upon him. This one was fairly mild giving him a criminal's tattoo
barring him from the cities until he payed contract fees.

After handing over the gold coin, sun began inspecting the [Poun]. He took the healthiest
looking one he could see and tapped it's nose. The black furred Poun whined but lowered it's
head submissively.

"I'll take this one." Sun said already climbing the saddle. Once comfortable Sun took hold of the
reins and the poun yipped as it started moving.

"Have a good journey sir!" The lady at the booth said and so his journey began once again.


Incident Report~Guard Hall , Thrush city

Name: Sun [no surname]

Occupation: (Mage)

Incident report: Confronted the Dillon thief guild successfully cowing them to submission. No

Tentative Combat Rank: B

Talent:[Great Conflagration][Rank A]


Monster guide
Race:[Vhiall Birds]
Rank:[Rank B] [Evolution Available]
Wind tunnel
Talent:Magic Sense [Rank A]
Vhiall birds are found in the central plains often hunting [Rank D] creatures for food. Vhaill birds
are majestic purple colored birds resembling a hawk.They are popular for adventuring magi
because of their magic sensing capabilities. Once bound as a familiar the bird has the ability to
let mage see through it's eyes.

Rank:[Rank C] [Evolution available]
Movement Rank up
Defense Rank up
Talent:Son of the Desert [Rank C]
Dog-like creatures that can reach up to 2 m in height. They are usually domesticated for use in
traveling the desert. In the wild Poun are pack creatures, a pack of [Poun] can hunt up to [Rank
B] creatures.


Talent Corner

Name:[Great Conflagration]
Rank:[Rank A]
Affiliations: Mage,Sorcerer,Sage,Battlemage
Ability:Lower cost of using fire type skills by 60%, increase effectiveness of fire type skills by
60%, Fire type skills gain special attribute [Flames of Neverending Vigor], Increase Fire type
Skills control by 100%, All fire type skills gain Rank Up.
Quote: "Ahhhh... Fire!"-Orc King

Rank:[Rank C]
Affiliations: Thief,Assassin,Warrior
Ability: Increase speed by 15% Increase dexterity by 25% footwork skills gain Rank Up.
Quote: " I-Is he dancing?How the hell is he avoiding all these shit?"- Party member

Rank:[Rank E]
Ability: Increase Soul Stability by 33%, Increase Soul Intensity  by 33%, Increase Soul Quality
by 333%, All oaths thrice stated cannot be broken, All Soul type skills gain Rank Up.
Quote: "The soul pfft who can use the soul anyway what a useless talent"-Sorcerer Timothy

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