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Chapter 5- The Only One To Die

Fighting something as big as a small mountain is difficult, even more so if you are only using a longsword and a shield. After all could you demolish a mountain with a swing of a sword? People had limits that's what makes them people. Sun viewed Levaria as an Oni* because he felt that she just broke the limits people should have.

People can't destroy mountains with a swing of the sword but Levaria was damn well trying to. With her vibrating sword she slashed into the air and as before with the three snake incident a shockwave appeared. Only this time it wasn't a thin shockwave instead it grew to the size as tall as two people stacked together*. She sliced through the air producing shockwaves then retreating to a safe distance as if to avoid any attack aimed at her. Sun read about this type of tactic before, gorilla tactics or something similar if he remembered correctly.

Without being daunted Tiangou tanked the shockwaves with ease, the attacks dissipating as it came contact on it's fur.

"Is this it?" The Tiangou asked, disappointment tinging it's mighty deep voice, He swiped casually at Levaria with one of his paws causing three large shockwave only infinitely larger and faster similar to what Levaria was using to go towards her. "Parlor tricks does not amuse this Tiangou, Show me if you are worthy of being called Tiangou's Rival!"

Levaria having no time to dodge planted her feet as she materialized a large shieldlike thing with what looked liked a ton of compacted sand. The sand was ripped apart but it looks like it cushioned the attack as intended. Even if Levaria isn't a mage her talent was too advanced in the earth element that such types of manipulation was within her reach.

As a result of the collision sand scattered everywhere making it hard to see. As the dust settled Levaria was out of sight. "Oh? Do indeed make this interesting for this Tiangou." The big dog called out to the empty clearing as if talking to an invisible Levaria.

A few moments pass by as the Tiangou waited for Levaria to make a move. From below him, Levaria exploded out of the sand aiming at the Heavenly Dog's unprotected stomach with her sword.

"No you don't." Tiangou yells as he jumps up a small bit, just enough that Levaria's sword didn't pierce his body. It looked like he was going for a body slam!  

The soldiers and Sun quickly realize this and dove for cover.Not that there was a lot of cover in the desert aside from the natural rock formations.

Hiding behind his rock, Sun's heart pounded. He wasn't idle as this battle went on. Already he had taken out the precious vial that contained the 60 magic gems being purified by potion. The gems were smaller than they were originally but their purity looks to be around 65% that's even higher than whatever purity is highest at the market. With a heavy heart Sun resigned to the fact that it's not likely he would have a use for it, should his plan succeed it would be gone if it doesn't he'd be dead anyway.

The ring used to disrupt the magic gems need to be close to the gems to work. Somehow Sun didn't think he'd have a chance to get close to the Tiangou. He wished he could make use of Korua but she can't use the ring. There is however his Wind Vine, it was basically an extension of himself so it could use the ring. Carefully putting the ring into the vine and making it wrap onto the vial he willed it to fly above the heaven's. Now all he needed to do was wait and hope for the best.


[Gravity Well] Levaria incanted as she accelerated the falling Tiangou while simultaneously forming a massive spike of earth below it.

A massive crash resounded in the desert as sand obscured everything. Everyone waited with baited breath as the dust settled. A bark like laugh echoed throughout the desert, the Tiangou remained unharmed throughout Levaria's combo.

"Too bad little girl, This Tiangou's body is blessed by heaven. It is heaven's will that you lost today. Be grateful as this Tiangou will leave you alive. Grow strong and prosper, everyone else however will be Tiangou's food." It grinned showing incredibly sharp teeth as large as people. The Tiangou emitted such a violent aura that everyone was rooted to where they stood. Struggling was futile as fear and hopelessness filled their consciousness.

"You said if you were impressed you would let us pass!" Levaria angrily yelled as she struggled against the Tiangou's aura.

The Tiangou approached Levaria, his mouth only a few paces from devouring her. "You are not worthy to be my rival, I am not impressed. With your talent you should be a saint to entertain this Tiangou. As you are now, you are but a pebble against the raging river."

Levaria gritted her teeth as the Tiangou's breath spread to her messing up her hair and almost stumbling her.


It was time Sun thought as he watched the Tiangou mock Levaria. Taking out a pill from his storage bag to eat, he took a deep breath to calm himself. The pill he ate was a voice amplification pill usually used by auctioneers or generals. It wasn't common but Sun had bought one a few years ago on a whim.

Korua thrilled as she flew into the air. Drawing the eyes of both parties(Levaria, the soldiers and the Tiangou) to her. Vhiall birds shouldn't be here unless someone brought them and they are magi familiars so it stands to reason a mage was here.

The bird moved in such a way that the eyes were drawn to it. Gracefully swooping down the Korua landed on Sun's shoulders casually. "The strong shouldn't bully the weak, Tiangou is it? For you however I will make an exception." He said conversationally, his voice loud and clear and his bearing can be likened to that of a hero.

"Bold words, boy tell this Tiangou can you impress thee?" The Tiangou said releasing his hold on the soldiers and Levaria. He shooed them away as he turned towards Sun.

This was a crucial moment he needed quite a bit of time to properly activate the gems above the clouds. Sun needed to stall, thankfully that was one of his strong points. If the Tiangou attacked Sun, Sun wouldn't be able to put up a fight so he needed the Tiangou to stay at a single place and to do that he needed to pique it's interest.

"Levaria, if you want to be useful please get far from him I'd hate it if you died with him." Sun said as if it were normal to talk about killing [S Ranked] Monsters. It was the same tone she used when she ordered him to tend to the wounded back at the three snake incident.

"Y-You!" Levaria shouted unable to believe what her eyes and ears are telling her. Was the guy insane? What was he playing at? At the same time doubt lingered in her mind, could it be that Sun had the capability to back his words?
"Please?" Sun added as if to add insult to injury, all the while staring at the Tiangou. Even though the distance was far it seemed that their eyes met.

Levaria wanted to say something but she restrained herself. It was best she took the time Sun was giving her. She retreated further back so she can watch as she recuperated from being exposed to the Tiangou's incredible bloodlust.

Sun didn't take his eyes off the Tiangou who was waiting patiently for the humans to finish. The distance between them was more than 500 meters, this kind of distance didn't give Sun much confidence however. He knew if the Tiangou were to be serious it could probably cover the distance in a single leap.

"Why don't we play the same game you played with her? Or better yet, we play a new game it's called 'I show you some magic and you die.' " Sun said arrogantly, as if he considered the Tiangou to be a small pest. In truth Sun was focusing so intently on the ring above the sky continuously providing the will to produce the right frequency.

"Insolent fool, There is a fine line for stupidity and bravery. Show this Tiangou this magic you are so proud of, let it break itself upon this Tiangou's heavenly body. Impress me and I will spare them. Is this Tiangou not benevolent?" The Tiangou bragged, not to be outdone by a human. Truth be said he was enjoying himself, not one in many humans dared to banter with him such as this human did.

Sun pointed at the Tiangou with his index finger, consciously emulating one of Talia's poses. "Very well, you said that it is heaven's will that you are victorious. If that is so then today I will reject heaven and grasp victory with these hands." He then opened his palm towards the Tiangou. The magic gems should finally start destabilizing any second now!

"You talk too much for a huma- hmm?" Tiangou looked up, It was subtle at first, a single searing light came from the heavens. The Tiangou arrogantly stood his ground confident that he could take anything.

The light erupted into a large blinding explosion, effectively illuminating the whole sky with it's power. Then came a large flaming meteor covered in white flame, it was aimed towards the Tiangou! This was the culmination of the past week’s research, specifically experiment 5 wherein Sun discovered that you can combine multiple gems in one explosion.

The Tiangou had no time to curse or even move as the meteor slammed into its body. There was so much force that the ground caved in and made a crater. The ground trembled from the impact making all the humans fall down unable to stand because of the resulting earthquake.

In the end there was a crater of glass a fourth of a kilometer in radius, white flames danced around it and the unmoving broken body of the Tiangou sat at the center.

This, did he really succeed? Sun doubtfully thought. Could that blast have killed the beast?

The soldiers however were not as doubtful, there was loud cheering as they yelled in joy.

"Hrgrm!!!" The body in the crater stirred.

No! Despair filled everybody's heart as the Tiangou rose again. Wounds and burns mended before their eyes.

"Shashashasha! Splendid." The tiangou laughed with his bark like laugh even as large gouges of flesh reknit itself. "To really have killed this Tiangou with one blow, truly splendid. Tell me your name mage. What is your title oh saint?" Tiangou asked already acknowledging that the boy in front of him was an [S rank] or as the common people call them battle saints.

"Tsk, My is Sun. I have no title." Sun said, beads of sweat running down his back as he thought of a way to salvage the situation.

"Shashashasha! This Tiangou is really blessed by heaven. Destiny itself has provided me with a rival named Sun!" It shouted to the heavens. Tiangou was actually the name of his race, a race named after the legendary creature said to devour the sun when there is an eclipse. "This Tiangou's name is Vicious Fang(Zankokuna Kiba), let our battle commence! Shashashasha! It will be glorious!"

"Calm down!"


"Did you not say that if I impress you, you will spare all of them? If we battle today they will die as a result. I would not have a dishonorable rival." Sun said all the while crossing his fingers hoping against common sense that the Kiba doesn't attack suddenly.

"Fumu, That is indeed sensible. Gah!Curse this Tiangou's tongue, Let us postpone this battle honored Rival." The Tiangou said, it leaped from the crater to Sun's position.

Face to face with the beast Sun was rooted at the spot.

"This Tiangou can feel your excitement as well, if not only this Tiangou carelessly promised such things. Bah." Kiba said almost conspiratorially.

"This Tiangou sees you have no staff, yet you have cast magic that felled even this heavenly body. I bestow you the title White Flame Saint let all call you with respect the Tiangou's rival deserve." He then broke the tip of his horn and laid it on Sun's feet. It was around a meter and a half and as thick as Sun himself.

"Craft a staff out of this, Tiangou hopes to see this in our future battles. We will rend the sky, boil the oceans and crack the earth... no man or beast will forget our battles.This Tiangou bids farewell, this Tiangou cannot contain this feeling anymore if  this Tiangou were to remain he would break his word." Kiba said disappointment heavy in his words.

With that the Tiangou flew out to the sky leaving a gaping Sun behind. To see something the size of a mountain fly isn't a daily occurrence after all.

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