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Levaria remembered the day Rayu came to her and asked her to allow a self-proclaimed low ranking mage to escort the caravan.

"I don't need weaklings." she so confidently said back then.

"Levaria-sama, even you could be fooled? There is no way a kid like that will travel alone in this desert if he isn't capable. I have worked for years as a caravan master for the hope alliance and trust me, these eyes see potential." The large man had said, giving her a stern stare. Reminding her that he was actually also a high ranking member of the alliance.

That made her curious, where was the potential that Rayu saw?

"Fine but I want to talk to him." She said.

She then proceeded to insult him and asked him not to fight.  He gave no reaction to her insults. since then she kept on hassling him out of stubbornness. She wanted to know what it was that Rayu saw in this pitiful kid.She told him not to hold them back, in the end it was her who was the inconvenience.

Looking at the glass crater in front of her, she told herself 'aren't you the one who is pitiful?'. Was this what people felt when they saw her incredible talent and felt inadequate? Was this tight gripping feeling in her heart jealousy? Fear? Admiration? Anger?

She didn't know, this was the second and third time she had been so outclassed, all of them by S Ranked people. One of them was her master, the other was a monster as large as a mountain, both had dignified bearings in that just by looking at them you knew they were above you.

Sun wasn't at all like that, yet he somehow summoned a meteor out of nowhere to injure something that she, someone called a genius without peer, could not.

Even worse was the fact that he, while casting this apocalyptic magic, didn't use any sort of wand or staff nor did he use any chants. He pointed his fingers and caused the heavens to part and a meteor to fall and he didn't even look winded!

What kind of monster was he? The Tiangou named him to be 'White Flame Saint' acknowledging his power whereas it called her a pebble. Was the difference in power that big?

She knew from experience that [Rank A] and [Rank S] were worlds apart but she already accepted that. For someone younger than her to be a saint however...

In this continent there were a total of 21 known saints. One of them was her master whom was the core of the Hope Alliance. Her master was 180 years old when he achieved [S rank]. Now a kid not even in his 20's achieved it too when the youngest recorded [S Rank] was 60 years old.

Even if you were blessed with an [S rank] talent you couldn't be called a saint. You needed to defeat someone or something equivalent to [S rank] in battle power first.

To do that needless to say is an overwhelmingly arduous task, often fatal as well.

T.L.N. - Ranks for talents are different from Ranks of battle power. Even if you had only an [A Rank] talent you could still be a saint if you defeat an S Rank monster or another saint in battle or the S rank acknowledges your OPness as Tiangou did with Sun.


She cautiously approached Sun who was looking over the horizon, to where the Tiangou flew away.

To Levaria he looked to be In deep thought, the wind gently swaying his black hair giving him the appearance of a dramatic hero. Her heart skipped a beat despite herself, where was the unassuming Sun? This Sun looked like a legendary mage who just vanquished a demon lord rather than the low ranking mage he claimed he was.

She hesitated in disturbing him, in truth she didn't know what to say. 'Congratulations you became S Rank you aren't the useless person I thought you were' wasn't really appropriate was it?

Suddenly Sun shook his head and muttered "What a waste."

Levaria frowned, did he actually want to fight the Tiangou? Was he... Did he want to test himself against that beast? Levaria herself often found herself wanting to test herself against strong opponents but she knew her limits apparently there was no such things as limits for the mage called Sun.

It seemed that Sun finally took notice of her. Was she really so pitiful to be so invisible? These kinds of doubt seems to be popping every time in her mind.

"Ah, sorry for being late." He said one hand went to the back of his head scratching sheepishly. He inclined his head and stared at the large piece of horn near them. "Ano, Levaria-san would it trouble you if you helped me take this thing to the caravan?" He said.

Was he ordering her? She frowned, a saint shouldn't have trouble with this kind of thing. Then again Sun was a mage, their power was in their magic not in their bodies.

T.L.N. She is wondering if this is a show of superiority.

And so they both went back to the caravan awkwardly. Levaria didn't know what to say and Sun looked like he didn't want to say anything either.

When they returned a great cheering erupted from everyone. Since the Tiangou was so big it was probably impossible not to see such a battle occurring not to mention Sun's attack.

The two kids that often saw Sun with came rushing in and greeted Sun enthusiastically. She caught Sun's eyes with her own and gave a small nod, placing down the horn fragment to the ground with care.

The boy kept praising Sun, it looks like Sun wasn't bothered. Sighing in relief on being excused from the unpleasant atmosphere they had going on, Levaria went to find Rayu.

When she did Rayu had this 'I told you so' look that almost made Levaria grit her teeth in annoyance.

With an exuberant face Rayu exclaimed "[S Rank], That kid. I didn't expect him to be so strong! I knew he wasn't ordinary." The man puffed himself up.

Levaria let him brag, after all in the end he was right and she was wrong. Her face was very serious however, "About that matter, please let me handle it Rayu-dono."

Rayu sobered up quickly and his face gained a more serious bearing. "Wouldn't it be better if I did it?"

"Please let me do it. I... I want to talk to him about... things as well."

"If Levaria-sama pleads with me like that, even I cannot refuse you know." Was what Rayu said giving her his blessings.

The caravan was in a celebratory mood and the people all chattered happily. After all meeting the Tiangou and engaging it on battle with no casualties is indeed a blessing.

Sun looked really uncomfortable with all the praise he was getting, indeed even the soldiers who normally distanced themselves gave their heartfelt thanks.

Since it was like that Levaria decided to kill two birds in one stone. She took Sun by the hand and said "We need to talk." Pulling him away from the crowd.

The soldiers were muttering things like "Oho, so the hero captured the maiden's heart after all." or "I see, this Sun seems lucky." and some just wolf whistled.

Levaria ignored them and led Sun to a quiet place away from the celebrating crowds.

This wasn't the first time he was alone with Sun, as she always sought him out when he tried to be by himself because she was mostly suspicious on what he was doing.

She already steeled herself and without preamble she said...

"About your secret."

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