Sunday, August 23, 2015

Chapter 4: My Glorious Martial Prowess?

The delinquents surround me, but that doesn't concern me as much as it would have had before,as the familiar heat from last time had returned filling my body with strength that rivaled a tiger.

"Don't be conceited, you are hardly able to face a kitten and you're talking about rivaling tigers." Spirit-san whispered in my ears.

I ignored him as I began preparing to move. The delinquents have surrounded me already and I probably can't run now.

"If you get hit by these rabble while using my power don't expect me to help you in the future... in fact I'll make sure your next rebound kills you." Spirit-san exclaimed. That, I cannot ignore. Can't you be more compassionate? That's way too brutal, you know.

"That much is to be expected from an usurper." He added. Oi I'm new, besides even monkeys can fall off trees. That's too severe.

"Shut up and kick ass little monkey." Spirit-san admonished, looks like he got annoyed from my whining.

Unlike what I expected, they didn't attack one by one on a single easily managed file. Instead, they all attacked as one. Like a swarm of bugs they converged from every direction.

Even with the strength that usurpation gave me I was not confident that I'd remain unmolested from such overwhelming numbers. As they charged me, I too charged at them using one of the thugs as a stepping stone I jumped over them.

With that mighty jump I successfully escaped the circle they made. They were all watching me with dumb looks in their faces. I don't blame them, what I did was probably only possible for professional athletes.

I sucker punched the one closest to me and then it became chaotic. However it looks like they now had a disadvantage in positioning. Whereas I can move as I wanted to they had to be careful not to hinder their friends.

Somehow, I was evading their punches and kicks and was able to give them back with interest. Adrenalin was pumping through my veins and all of them were moving sluggishly in my eyes.

I am not a very athletic person and I have next to no experience in fights other than being hit. Even so, I knew where the parts that hurt the most when hit are.

I hit those places with well aimed strikes as frequently as I could all the while prioritizing evasion.

Within a surprisingly short amount of time I had ,as spirit-san said, kicked ass.

I heard the sound of clapping amidst the groaning of the fallen delinquents.

It was Mimisaki Takumi, once again. He was smiling savagely, I had a feeling that he was some sort of battle maniac.

"Splendid form and a powerful body. Why don't you be my subordinate, I promise I will treat you well." He said all the while giving me his fox like smile.

"Can I just refuse an be on my way?"
I asked exasperatedly. I'd rather distance myself from such troublesome people.

"Let's settle this is a fight then beat me and I shall be your subordinate, If I beat you then you will be mine!" He declared. Is it just me or did that sound gay to you?

"I'll definitely not be yours, you pervert" I called out to him.

Spirit-san gave a snort in the back of my mind.

Instead of waiting for Takumi to attack, this time it was I who took the initiative. I charged him with my fist cocked and threw a jab to his face.

Eh? I was suddenly hurled into the air, thankfully my reactions were significantly faster than it was before. I managed to flip in mid air and land in a crouch.

What was that?

"Oh, incredible. What type of martial arts have you practiced?" Takumi asked casually waiting again for me to attack.

That's when I remembered that Takumi went to last years Judo national competition, he got 2nd place I think.

Why was someone amazing like him doing something like this? It didn't make sense.

Either way I had to be careful not to be grabbed else I'd be thrown again.

'Any tips spirit-san?' I asked in my mind. I could just run right?

"Isn't this your initiation why are you asking for tips? I have to say though the kid in front of you is not someone to be taken lightly of. Since this is interesting I’ll allow you to get hit after all, you can’t run though." Spirit-san said with a bored tone.I felt that this Spirit-san was really mean to his kouhai but his words were acknowledged by me nonetheless.

So with nothing else to do and an opponent not taking the initiative, I was forced to attack again.

Unlike before I found myself driven into the ground in one swift movement. I was able to kick him back though to make some space.

Damnit, why was such a person attacking me again? In fact why was I even fighting him.

“If you win, I will give you something worth the effort.” Spirit-san whispers in my ear. Even if there’s something like that why should I fight this ridiculously skilled person? “You told me you wanted to be strong enough to protect your loved ones, what if this Takumi assault your Shiori? Will you watch unable to help? Be a man and beat this kid’s ass!”

Well there was some truth to those words at least. The problem was even though I probably was stronger than Takumi, he was trained to fight by directing the opponent's power to produce damage. In this case the opponent was me.

Looking at Takumi’s taunting face a bit of anger ignited through me. Just imagining the thing Spirit-san suggested made my blood start boiling specially after Aki taunted with the same situation.

Let’s try that one more time, with a kick this time. I charge up to him to make a flying kick. Of course being an untrained noob I failed. I think he was expecting the kick but got a nasty surprise in the form of an unintentional body tackle.

I’m glad I finally made some damage but I think I forgot something vital, Judo practitioner’s excelled in close range.

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