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Interlude 2: A little bit of Sorcery

Interlude:A bit of Sorcery

Virgil Arsoe, Sorcerer, a genius who achieved all three stages of magi training in as fast as 60 years frowned as he heard his subordinates words. Virgil was an old man wearing a simple robe, he looked spry for his age. He twirled at the beard he cultivated for a century. A saint has emerged, one of the magi not even recognized as a sorcerer. He had lived for over three centuries now and certainly this bit of news is odd.

What was the difference between a mage and a sorcerer? Magi is an all encompassing term to all users of mana. From fledgling to saint, they are magi as long as they practice spell casting. Sorcerers are a level beyond the normal magi, the name itself means "one who influences fate". They are the magi who go beyond talents, beyond their fated powers and breach the realm of true magic. Fire, water, earth, wind, it doesn't matter they have it all in their fingertips.

What did it matter if his talent was only [B rank] if he could join the elements to produce an effect worthy of [A+ rank]? Sorcerers were the equivalent to a warrior's Battlemaster. They naturally were well respected.

How could it be that a kid not even breaching his 40's receive the title of saint? Of course having lived a long life Virgil knew that nothing in this world was truly impossible, at most things were merely improbable.

As such Virgil called his mount to investigate. Outside the city walls of Shard he waited for his trusty familiar of more than three centuries.

From the skies a dot appeared, as it came close it became bigger and bigger. In mid air it gave a roar as it sped up, finally it landed in a shower of sand closely to Virgil, a massive dragon with bluish green scales. From it's nostrils sulfur came out in trickling rivulets. Eyes glowing brightly green it stared at Virgil.

This was a monster that most high leveled adventurers would flee from. [High Dragon] a [Rank A] monster capable of mowing down an army of B ranked adventurers.

"Soren, we have things to do quit showing off, you don't even have an audience." He said to the dragon as he mounted it's back. The dragon whined piteously, a huge contrast to its dignified stature.

Virgil didn't even need to tell the dragon where to go, Soren just took off reading his mind.

In no time they arrived at the crater the new saint is said to have made from a fiery meteor.

The dragon landed gently while looking cautiously over the surroundings. Even though there isn't a monster in the desert suicidal enough to tangle with a High Dragon and a Sorcerer, Soren took Virgil's safety very seriously.

As for Virgil he breathed deeply as he saw the crater. Taking in the feeling of magic as he looked at the sight before him.

It was no ordinary spell that caused this much destruction. Even now magic lingered aimlessly days after the magic has been cast.

Walking gingerly into the crater Virgil startled some E ranked creatures basking inside the glass crater. He paid them no mind as he knelt and examined the glass. It took extreme heat to make glass, even he could not do it without great effort. Even with all his might however, he probably could not replicate the crater in front of him.

Virgil's eyes widened as he spotted something inside the glass. It was a piece of white colored stone the size of a slightly large sand grain. If he couldn't feel the magic in it he probably would have missed it. A small magic gem.

Virgil chuckled wryly. To have a spell so powerful that your mana solidified into magic gems in the aftermath? What kind of genius was that newly minted saint brat? How strong would he be when he grows older?

"What do you think Soren?" He asked the dragon.

Soren replied with a Humph. As if saying 'Master could do better'.

"Don't be ridiculous, this kid no known talent can do this. He's definitely a sorcerer. Truly a genius." He said, having read the reports of the kid's stats.

"White Flames Saint. I need to meet this guy."


Virgil was the guild master of the mage guild in Shard City. It be said that he is the greatest authority with regards to magic in the city.

When he arrived at the guildhall he immediately gave orders to his assistant.

"Arrange a meeting with the new saint. Get me a Sorcium card with his name on it. Get me all the records you can get from all the cities he's been through." The aide nodded with his eyes wide.To get a Sorcium card was a magi's dream, it meant you were officially recognized as a sorcerer. "Also a cup of tea please." The old man added causing the aid to sigh.

Virgil went to his office and went over the list of fire talents. The greatest talent recorded were [Great conflagration] and [Fire King's passion] both were not enough to create the firepower that the saint reportedly showed so casually.He went through the reports at hand and it looks like this Sun had been going around cities buying a large amount of fire gems.

Was he using all of them through an unknown type of method? Normally a beginner mage can use one gem a month, this saint was going through hundreds it seemed. Virgil's brows furrowed and his lips creased a little bit upwards. He loved a good mystery.


In another part of the guild the aide chatted with the other staff as he prepared Virgil's tea.

"It looks like that White Flame Saint's the real deal. Virgil-sama just ordered a sorcium card for him." The aide said to one of the beautiful maid's working in the guild he'd been trying to impress for over a year now. Naively he didn't know that he had been consorting with a spy all this time.

The maid smiled beatifically, melting the aide's resistance "Tell me more."

Creature Corner

Name:High Dragon
Skills: Aerial Disaster Maneuver
         Adamantine scale
         Elemental mastery:Fire and Air

High dragons usually live hidden deep in mountainous locations such as the Alps of Liverdine. These monsters are highly intelligent and frequently ignore harmless and unarmed opponents. They are not to be trifled with however since they live in some type of community if you succeed killing one you'll have 10's of [High Dragons] seeking revenge.

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