Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chapter 7: Two Old Geezers

Sun paced inside his luxurious room inside the auction house. Today marked the fifth day of his stay, while it was indeed easy living where he is served with the most excellent of food and drink problems began occurring.

One such problem was the thing in front of him. Sun was currently facing himself or more specifically an earth magi made statue of his likeness. Suddenly Sun felt his plans of melding and vanishing has crumbled.

How could these statues be made so fast? A copy of it has been sent to the Fiongare city sculptor's guild already? Why wasn't he informed? Would his father and brothers recognize him from the statues? These thoughts were running around Sun's head as he paced around.

A series of knocks interrupted his thoughts bringing him back to reality. Opening the door the jolly face of Rayu greeted Sun.

The man eagerly announced. "Sun-sama, the auction is about to start.Come, Come." Thoughts about the statue left Sun's mind at the reminder of his awaited hour.

Rayu led Sun into a large antechamber. They arrived at the upper segment and Sun could tell that the section they were in was reserved for the influential people.

If Sun were to guess based on the attire the people below were lesser nobles. They wore tasteful and colorful robes and gowns fully showing off their wealth. If he were to be honest though Sun found them unpleasant, exchanging pleasantries from the front and stabbing from the back it was that kind of game the nobility played.

They were chattering gaily as Sun watched from above as if a sovereign overlooking his subjects. Even though he disliked nobles he wouldn't refuse the money that they will eventually bring.

During the past few days Sun had holed himself up in his given room and delved deeply into Devon's book, specifically the potions portion. Seeing a potion never before sold in the market made Sun's entrepreneur spirit blaze in greed. He needed money to buy the ingredients though.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we have a treat for you! As you know the newest saint Sun-sama is our guest, this auction is proud to present to you 100g of the S Class monster Tiangou's powdered horn." Rimmu announced proudly.

Hearing that a tick began to form above Sun's eyes. 100g? That's what's left of that humongous horn?

"This here powder is considered a super class magic conductor! Using this you can improve any magic item without fail? 100% guaranteed!" Rimmu boasted luring the crowd in with his words.

Improving any magic item with 100% accuracy?! Sun's eyes widened. How powerful was this powder? The usual item enhancer was called Magic Dust which is commonly used by tinkerers to enchant items. The more enchantments the better the item turns out but the harder it is to enchant.

For example his [Firewand++] was a normal Firewand with two flame enchantments. If you were to enchant it again with flame enchantment it will turn into a [Flamewand] because the core will evolve. Flamewands costs about 800 gold coins. Why the marked difference? If the enchantment fails the core breaks,the usual success rate is 5%.

As expected the words Enchantment without fail has gotten the crowd in a frenzy.

Besides Sun,Rayu chuckled a bit. Having such an item even though the auction will only take 4% from the earnings they will still make a killing.





The nobles called out in succession, trying to outdo each other in hopes of getting such a prized item.

Sun's heart was beating so fast it was a wonder that it didn't just leap out of his chest! Originally getting money for Verdun City's Merchant Academy was something of a pipe dream. Right now though he was hearing such ludicrous amounts over 100g of leftover horn shavings.

His heart clenched at the thought that if he sold the horn whole how much would it have netted him?


"100000!" A voice rang out from behind Sun. He didn't notice the man behind him! How long had he been there! It was fortunate that he was so absorbed in the auction he didn't have time to jump in surprise.

The crowd quieted at hearing such a high bid or perhaps because they recognized the bidder.

Vulcus the indomitable saint, Levaria's master. Someone who can flatten a city with but a simple gesture. This was a man that you simply did not oppose.

"100000! Going once! twice! aaaaand Sold!" Rimmu said his voice sounding loud and clear.

The man standing just behind Sun was a tall elder with flowing black robes etched with golden markings, a sign of enchanted equipment. The old man had a regal bearing compounded by the extremely large sword he was carrying. The sword was larger than the man itself and about half as thick,it was covered in cloth so sun couldn't see anymore details. He looked to be about 60 or so but Sun knew this guy was around more than two centuries old.

Standing tall and proud his aura was not lacking when compared to the behemoth that was Tiangou. It might seem weird that a man in his 60's compare to a mountain size monster but in Sun's mind it was so.

When his mind finally loaded he finally realized the number that was called out. 100000! For leftover materials!

Sun felt conflicted about such an amount. On one hand it was a stupidly large amount on the other it was such a large amount he couldn't carry it even in the storage bag.

That meant it would have to be banked, that seriously put a cramp in his plans of going incognito.

Seeing his conflicted expression Vulcus felt that he needed to explain "That battle with Tiangou left Levaria's equipment in a sub-optimal condition, don't think of this as charity." As if he was telling Sun not to sweat it as it is only a small exchange between saints.

Sun opened his mouth as if to say something but closed them again. He needed to be careful with what to say, his opponent was a saint after all. It was quite possible to be discovered if he was careless.

"Where is Levaria anyway?" It was the only topic that Sun could think of that shouldn't steer towards dangerous territories like 'Let's spar' or 'Where is your saintly aura'

"Ah, that willful child. She holed herself up with training as soon as she arrived. It looks like you made an impression on her." He said with a sigh. "That reminds me."

He bowed really low embarrassing Sun thoroughly. It was one thing for wealthy people to bow to him it was another if it were saints.

"Thank you for saving my willful disciple. This saint owes you a favor in the future."

What can be said against something like that? Sun was speechless.
“Bah, you shouldn’t embarrass the young man Vulcus, bowing out of nowhere like that!” An old man arrived as well. He was wearing simple robes and he sported a long beard. “My name is Virgil Arsoe, I’m the Shard City mage guild leader.” He introduced to Sun.

Vulcus stopped bowing and gave Virgil an annoyed look. “You Magi...” He said before stopping, perhaps realizing that Sun was considered a mage as well.

Virgil gave Vulcus a victorious grin before he began speaking. “ I am here on behalf of the United Magi to present to you your Sorcium card. Congratulations kid, I saw your work on that desert If it isn’t a bother won’t you tell me more about it?” He said producing a scarlet card and giving it to Sun. The old man grinned shamelessly as if asking such a question was natural. Perhaps it was, Sorcery was driven by knowledge not talent so the more you know the more powerful you get.

“These card’s are impossible to fake and can act as identification as well as a bank card, isn’t it convenient? Bind your soul to it first and it's all good.”

Sorcium cards were divided into 3 colors, Blue for newly minted sorcerers, Silver for advanced sorcerers and scarlet for those who reached mastery. For Sun who was a saint it would have been an insult to present to him a blue card.

The overwhelmed Sun could only nod in response.